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    SANTANA is the Frontman (Singer & Guitarist) from the psychedelic rock band Redlake Circus, whose theatrical performances have been igniting stages worldwide, becoming rapidly a must seen live act.

    He has been well known by his unique psychedelic sound; from the mix of groovy Hard Rock riffs, smooth Blues licks & mystic oriental atmospheres, creating hypnotic melodies that will take you into a mind-traveling experience.

    The human mind reacts differently to different sound waves according to many factors, including our individual psychic personality, mental and emotional characteristics, as also the time of day, the seasonal conditions, etc. Some waves readily induce hypnotic states, others mental clarity or heightened awareness of various emotional states and so on.

     For each concert Santana plays different psychedelic and atmospheric melodies that will help us to reach that certain states of deep trance, activating elements which stabilize the consciousness and reduce mental imbalance.